How to Sign Up to Your Hotmail Account

Congrats to choose signing up to Hotmail! you already Once you have decided to start using the services of Hotmail, a popular email service provider owned by Microsoft, you have to go through a simple Hotmail sign up process. In brief, this process includes getting acquainted with the website's interface, typing in your personal data as well as choosing a name for your account, and finalizing the process by proving that you are not a robot.

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Even though you should face no difficulties in this process, you should be responsible (after all, you have to complete this procedure only once) and type your information correctly as well as to find a safe password. This short guide will make sure that you did not miss anything during the Hotmail sign up process.

Sign Up to Hotmail Step by Step

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Step 1. Enter the website of Hotmail by typing in If you are an active user of MSN programs from Microsoft, however, it may be more convenient for you to choose Outlook, as Hotmail is officially named now, in the list of MSN programs on the website.

Step 2. Welcome to the website of Hotmail! It has just opened in your browser, and you can see its interface with a large deal of simplicity in it. Get used to it, as you will have to see it for quite a while. It offers you to log in with an existing email, but in order to create a new account you should click on the "Create one" button, located exactly below the large "Sign in" one. If you have a Microsoft account, nevertheless, you can create an Outlook (i.e. Hotmail) account via it (leaving the mess with entering your information behind).

Step 3. After you clicked on the button, you finally get a Hotmail sign up form to fill in. As usual, you have to provide the following information: the first and last name, the name of your account, password, country, and birthdate along with gender. You have to be conscious of plausible security issues, however, in case of choosing too weak password, so keep it in mind.

Step 4. You should ensure that you are able to regain control over your account any moment. In order to do so, choose either to specify an additional email that you already use or your phone number. Even though the later option is more secure, some users prefer not to provide the phone number for the sake of privacy.

Step 5. Then, the system must make sure that you are a human being, not a robot. For that, enter the depicted symbols in the line located beneath the image. You can change the image or listen to it by clicking on the buttons, placed to the right side from the image.

Step 6. Finish the procedure by clicking on the last button under the name "Sign up." After it, the system will take several minutes of your time before you will be able to use the services of Hotmail. The Hotmail sign up process is very easy, and finally you are able to use its top-notch services.

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