Hotmail Sign In

When you already have an account in Outlook, previously also known as, it does not come as a surprise that you face such a routine as the Hotmail sign in process. There is nothing complicated in this process and it consists of typing in your data (your email account or, instead of it, the phone number as well as the password), opting between several provided settings, and actually signing it.

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Therefore, there is no such a thing that could make it problematic. Yet, you can make it more convenient by applying the settings that you prefer, and the guide below will help you to get to know about it more.

Sign in to Hotmail "Tutorial"

Step 1. In the first place, you should enter the service of Hotmail. Do it by choosing among other MSN services or by typing or In such an easy way, you get the service's main page opened in your browser.

sign up form hotmail
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Step 2. After you got your browser opened on the Hotmail's main page, it is time to see what you can do there (which options you can enable). Considering that the interface is pretty nice and simple, you will not get in a mess for sure. In the center of the page, there are two lines where you have to enter the name (or the phone number) of your account and the password.

Above it, there is a button named "What's this?", and you can get to know what opportunities Hotmail (as well as MSN services) offer to you by simply clicking on it. You can place a tick near the "Keep me signed in" phrase, which means that you will not have to log in each time when entering the service. The large blue "Sign in" button is actually the one you have to click on after entering the data.

Step 3. In fact, this step is getting started with the actual process of Hotmail sign in. Enter the name of your account (or the phone number linked to your account) in the first line and the password in the second one. Decide whether you want to be kept signed in (do it only for your home computer) by placing or not placing a tick, and click on the big blue button. Welcome back to the email service of Hotmail!

Step 4. If you did not memorize your password properly (or you could lose it somehow), you can easily recover it by pressing the "Forgot my password" button, colored in blue. Just act as the Hotmail directions order and you will regain control over your account.

Step 5. If you are not at home but need to enter the service, you may opt to use a single-use code for signing up. It means that you do not need to enter your password and risk the security of your account. In order to enter with the help of such a code, press the second blue button under the name "Sign in with a single-use code."

You will get another window in your browser where you will have to enter the name or phone number of your account and actually to repeat the phone number. You will get a code, type it in and successfully enter the system. This way, the process of Hotmail sign in is worked out to be quite simple.

sign up form hotmail