How to Recover Your Hotmail Password

A situation when you will have a need to recover the password of your email account may happen any moment, no matter how responsible and careful you have been regarding this matter. Thankfully, this procedure of password recovery is quite fast and simple in Hotmail management. This way, you can swiftly get the control over your mail back by sticking to the rules of the step-by-step guide, presented right hereafter.

Step 1. Type the website's link ( in your browser or enter via the MSN set of programs.

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Step 2. Since you cannot sign in with your password, you should give a click on the "Forgot my password" button, placed beneath the offer to create a new account.

Step 3. After having done that, specify the reason why you are unable to log into your account. If you think that someone else got access to your account, you have to select how you got to know (or why you suppose so) about it.

Step 4. Following it, enter either the alternative email or the number of your phone, depending on what you specified during the registration. Confirm it by typing the symbols from the Captcha picture in and clicking on the "Next" button.

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Step 5. Following it, Microsoft may ask you some your characteristics (like the birthdate and gender) as well as some notable things about how you used the account. If you specified the email address or phone number which is connected with your email account, however, most probably Microsoft will want just to establish the way of communication with you (look at the screenshot). For instance, suppose you chose the alternative email address.

Step 6. Complete the first part of the alternative email address (which stands before @).

Step 7. Copy the security code, which you have received on your email address or phone number, and enter it into the given field. Click "Next".

Step 8. Finish the procedure by entering and reentering the new password in the newly-opened window.